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10 Astounding Facts about Ain Dubai

Dubai is a city where you would be able to see new attractions and constructions almost every year. Moreover, every construction you see here is unique and record-breaking. Dubai is home to some of the most unusual creations in the world, including the tallest building (Burj Khalifa), the tallest hotel (Burj Al Arab), the largest manmade island (Palm Jumeirah), one of the largest malls (Dubai Mall), the largest manmade lake (Burj Lake), etc. The latest addition to this list is Ain Dubai, an observation wheel that was opened for locals and tourists in October 2021. Right from the time of its announcement, Ain Dubai had gained lot of attention. Here we talk about 10 astounding facts that make Ain Dubai the most popular attraction in Dubai today.

#1 The Tallest and the Largest Observation Wheel

Ain Dubai stands at the height of 250 meters, which makes it the tallest observation wheel in the world. It is almost double the London Eye, which is 135 meters high and is the fifth tallest observation wheel in the world. Ain Dubai is also 82.5 meters higher than the second largest observation wheel which is the Las Vegas’ High Roller. Apart from being the tallest, it is also the largest observation wheel that exits in the world today. Each leg of the wheel measures 126 meters in height, which can accommodate 15 London buses.

#2 Took 8 Years to Complete the Wheel

Yes, it took 8 long years to complete the work of this marvelous architectural wonder. The Dubai authorities had announced the Ain Dubai project in February 2013. The work of developing this observation heel began in May 2015 and was anticipated to be completed in mid-2019. However, due to certain delays, the opening date was pushed to October 2020 to coincide with Dubai Expo 2020. But the event was postponed due to the Covid19 pandemic and so was the opening of Ain Dubai. Finally, on October 21’ 2021 was inaugurated and opened for the public, a few weeks after the opening of Dubai Expo 2020.

#3 Located on Bluewaters Island

Ain Dubai proudly stands on Bluewaters Island, a 500-meters long artificial island, which is located off the coastline of Jumeirah Beach Residence. Bluewaters Island is a luxury island that was opened to public in 2018. Apart from Ain Dubai, it is home to Bluewaters Residences, a top-end residential area that has 17 townhouses, 10 apartment buildings, and 4 penthouses. It also has numerous dining, retail, and entertainment avenues. It also has the most famous property of Las Vegas, the Caesars Palace. Recently, Madame Tussauds also opened on Bluewaters Island.

#4 Made of 11,200 tonnes of steel

This enormous structure, which is the current star attraction of Dubai, is made of metal. In fact, it required around 11,200 tonnes of steel to complete the construction of the Ain Dubai. This is 33% more steel than that used to build the Eiffel Tower, one of the tallest and most popular buildings in the world. Two of the largest cranes in the world were used for assembling the heavy important structural elements of the wheel.

#5 Contributions from Several Countries

The design and construction of Ain Dubai was undertaken by Hyundai Engineering and Construction and Starneth Engineering. It took the contributions of 10 countries to complete the construction and development of Ain Dubai. France, the United Kingdom, and Netherlands provided the expertise and advice for important engineering and project management. However, it was Germany, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates that produced its steel wheel structure.

#6 Can Accommodate 1750 People at a Time

Ain Dubai has 48 capsules that are fully air-conditioned. Each capsule can accommodate around 40 people, although the capacity has reduced to 7-10 people due to the ongoing pandemic. However, when the wheel would run its full capacity, it would be able to hold up to 1750 people at one time. Currently, 7 people can be in 1 capsule. However, if you are a group of 10, you would all be accommodated in a single capsule.

#7 Takes 38 Minutes to Complete a Cycle

The observation wheel moves at a snail’s pace, and it takes around 38 minutes to complete a full cycle. During this time, you would get to see an amazing view of the Arabian Gulf, the Bluewaters Island, and the Dubai skyline. Ain Dubai remains open from 12 PM to 10 PM, and hence you can either choose day slots or night slots. However, the most popular is the sunset slot, which would give you the chance to see a marvelous sunset, as numerous lights start shimmering all over the city.

#8 Has Social Cabins

Ain Dubai is mainly an observation wheel. However, there is more to it, as some of the capsules are also social cabins. These cabins have a licensed bar fitted inside, where you can have a few drinks while enjoying the beautiful view of the city. Depending on the ticket you buy, you would be eligible to 1-2 drinks inside the social cubicle. It is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy an evening with your friends or colleagues at the end of a hectic work week.

#9 One can Host a Party Here

Apart from the observation and social cabins, Ain Dubai also has private cabins which one can book to host parties as well as business events. When you book a private cabin, you can customize your experience as per your wishes. Right from sunset drinks to dinner in the sky with a menu customized by you, the options are endless in this case. Private cabins at Ain Dubai are great for birthday parties, engagement celebrations, wedding receptions, team meetings, corporate events, etc.

#10 Has an LED Screen

One of the most unique things about Ain Dubai is the LED screen mounted on the wheel. This screen measured 80 meters and is used as an electronic platform for the purpose of displaying news, advertisements, and other such information. The base of the wheel would also act as an entertainment zone. Apart from all these, Ain Dubai also has a Seaview Lounge, which can be accessed by VIP or premium guests.

So you see, this latest attraction of Dubai has some incredible things, making it one of the best places to visit in Dubai. Whichever type of cabin or capsule you choose, you would definitely have a great time going around the Ain Dubai, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world.

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