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5 Places to Visit in Georgia Country

5 Places to Visit in Georgia Country

Georgia is a territory of mountains and stone, ancient fortresses and monasteries, green hills, spectacular heaps, deep caves and rocky beaches. In existence of these varieties of sights, are you asking yourself what to see in Georgia and where to go in this beautiful country in the Caucasus? Certainly, it’s challenging to make a choice of the most beautiful places to see in Georgia. Here are a few that you should take into consideration.


Tbilisi comes with an extraordinary cultural heritage but additionally a very powerful, bold and contemporary side. In fact, Tbilisi is yet another imaginative hotspot where you’ll discover street-art, skilled artists, musical shows and superb co-working places. It is also reported among the safest cities in the world. Tbilisi has a complex combination of new and old, but it’s something you may not fully get pleasure from at street level. Once you get a glance at that cityscape, though, the city’s mixed appearance becomes obvious. Sure, you could think about it and wonder what you’re seeing. The most frequent kick-off point for tourists in Tbilisi is the old town of Abanotubani. This historic heart of the city has an abundance of destinations and character to it. It’s also most likely the side of Tbilisi you’ll most expect to see.  


Yet another must-visit place to visit when you are touring in Georgia. Perfectly located in the high Caucasus mountains, Kazbegi gives you an array of beautiful scenery in the whole country. It has the most recognizable icon of Georgia, the Gergeti Trinity Church stands just under Mount Kazbegi. Probably you will get Kazbegi in your trip itinerary if you book a week Georgia tour package with a tour operator. Otherwise, you are able to choose to drive the route from Tbilisi along the Military Highway yourself and stay overnight in Stepantsminda town, enabling you to wake up early to beat the throngs of people and catch the morning sun sparkling off Trinity Church.  


Ushguli is a tiny variety of villages in the Caucasian mountain region of Svaneti. Ushguli one is the most commercial of the other villages you pass through but really worth a visit. The towering snowy mountains and stone defense towers cause you to feel as if you have really got to the end of the road, with Russia on the other side of the Shkhara mountain. 


Located on the coast of the Black Sea, Batumi belongs to the republic of Adjar where 30% of the population is Muslim. The last remaining mosque in the city is the Orta Jame, which is quite little but an intriguing spot to visit. It also has an enormous and stunning botanical garden, along with a lot of black pebble beaches. In summer, Russian, Georgian, and global visitors infiltrate the city, with its beaches crowded by day and its nightclubs pounding in the evening. 

Uplistsikhe Cave

If you’re planning a trip to the western portion of Georgia, Uplistsikhe is a great appeal to break up the drive. It is a thrilling component of history. It’s a different experience to ascend the cave-filled mountain and appreciate how people used to reside and how much effort and hard work they put into building and designing their houses.  

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