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Sandwich Harbor Namibia

Sandwich Harbor Namibia – The Most Beautiful Place in Namibia

Sandwich Harbor is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Namibia. This is the place where the highest sand dunes of the Namib desert and the Atlantic Ocean meet. There are not so many places in the world and this is one of them! 50 km from Walvis Bay is the Lagoon Sandwich Harbor. Giant sand dunes extending directly into the ocean create breathtaking landscapes. You can get here only on off-road vehicles, at low tide. Our start was from the city of Walvis Bay, we loaded into a comfortable Land Rover Discovery and went on an excursion on Full Day. The first stop was directly in the city lagoon. Thousands of flamingos live here in shallow water. I must say that in Namibia there are two species out of six existing in the world, this is a small, bright flamingo and pink – tall, elegant and graceful.

Sandwich Harbor Namibia
Flamingos – a bird of the morning dawn, a child of sunset, dawn, watching them is a complete pleasure. These are sensitive and suspicious birds, certainly exotic. If the heads are raised up – they are tense, their heads are lowered – they have a snack, they wave their wings – they warn that they can fly away, they scream from discontent, but if they fly, it’s magical! But when they lie on the water, sometimes it happens, they remind our geese, only pink. To the next stop, we rode along the pink and red salt lakes. The car climbs the dune and we see a view of the spit, Pelican Point lighthouse, colorful lakes, evaporated salt fields, and a salt production plant, where all its processes are visible in full view. After dense thickets of grass and small lakes, we glided along the sand dunes until we reached the ocean. Then for a long time, we rushed along the coast at high speed, clinging to the edges of the ocean waves, huge flocks of black cormorants soared up and to the side of the car and seals lazily left the road. The farther south, the more everything is already becoming shore and above the dunes. The sand turns pink, due to the presence of precious stones in the breed. This is all a closed territory, there is a diamond zone and mass tourism is prohibited.

By the way, it was on the coast of Namibia that the highest concentrations of jewelry diamonds in the world were discovered and the largest underwater deposits in the coastal strip were explored, De Beers is engaged in diamond mining. Dunes soar hundreds of meters above your head. Numerous stops provide an opportunity to enjoy unique landscapes, flora, and fauna. Absolutely original!

Having explored the shore, we climbed into the dunes. This is only possible with skillful driving and a 4×4 car. Riding along the sand dunes is a very powerful attraction, butterflies in the stomach, and not only butterflies, but you are also provided with. The driver very quickly and confidently descended from high dunes, the angle of the natural slope of sand was 34 degrees and the technical characteristics of the machine exceeded these figures, driving was professional – the risk was minimal but breathtaking.

Before the descent, they made a stop at the highest altitude, above the ocean, seagulls soared at the level of outstretched arms, a fresh wind ruffled clothes. When breathtaking all words are negligible – in front of you is only the vastness of the sky and the power of the ocean. I love the great water and sky, for the opportunity to give and take, for ubiquity, for necessity, for versatility, for infinity!

Then we went down beautifully for a long time and at the foot of the dunes, we were served a light and tasty lunch with champagne and oysters from local farms. It was one of the most beautiful excursions, full of Wow effects, along the coastal African dunes famous for its landscapes.

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