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Seebi island Oman
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Seebi island Oman – Hidden Spot in Musandam Khasab

Things to do in Seebi island Oman

Seebi is present in Muḩāfaz̧at Musandam, a district of Oman. Somewhere 362 km from North-West of Muscat, the capital city of Oman. Seebi island has always been an attraction as you can not reach by land or road. There is no direct land route to reach there, just like telegraph island. The lovers of water reach Seebi island by cruise. This fact makes the Seebi island the most excellent spot to visit. 

There are a few best things you can do on Seebi island.

The best way to explore seebi island is khasab tour. There are many tour operator in Dubai and OMAN which offer Khasab tour packages. Book with any of them and experience the Island in the right way. Listed below few things that you can on Seebi island. 

Camping On Seebi Beach

Seebi beach allows its tourists to enjoy camping in the open fresh air where the sand of the shoreline is enchanted and relaxing. While you go for swinging or you can enjoy the Dhow journey where we provide you the assistance with your destination. You can find dolphins in your way if you are lucky. While camping in Seebi you can have a short trip to telegraph island as it also can not be reached by land, and you can always come back to your camp. While camping, you can have relaxing massages and oil therapies by the experts that will make your trip more exciting. 

Delicious edibles are there to fulfill your desires BBQ dinners at the enchanted campground with soda, coffee, or tea whatever you like.

 After the meals, the visitors can go back to their camp where they have got every necessity provided.

Staying on the Dhow enjoy the moonlight 

When you consider a night stay on a dhow, your mind thinks of a double-decker and a full-day tour. Where you see the dozing background with stars shining above your head, and you can not help counting them. When the sun rises, it shines its sun shines on the turquoise water that moment connects you spiritually. The overnight trip on a dhow is one of the overwhelming experiences which can not put to words. 

Swimming and Snorkeling In The Turquoise Water

Snorkeling is one of the experiences where you can get the chance to explore marine life and seascapes. A little care must be needed here as not to go too far when the weather is not friendly. One of the best things is the clear water, and you can enjoy seeing the water life under it. While snorkeling, you can see the corals of the ocean.

A swimming suit and a life jacket are a must-have during the whole experience.

 Enjoy Watching The Dolphin Show.

While on tour to the island, you can experience the dolphin dance and enjoy watching them. Dolphins live in the northern waters of Khasab. The reason behind it is the tranquility of the water and calmness as there is no land route to reach there. The place is less polluted with humans. Dolphins like to live there in harmony. Tourists can enjoy seeing them dancing, dozing, and battling with each other. The dolphins show manners when around other species they behave gently. They explain how friendly they treat each other and play, rest, feed, and sleep. They also care and teach their young ones. This dolphin show is a must-watch thing when you go Diving; if you didn’t see it, you have missed the best part then.

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