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Bright Lights of Vegas

The Bright Lights of Vegas – Fun, Fun, Fun!

There are few places on earth which are as crazy, diverse, bright, and downright wonderful as Las Vegas. Perhaps Dubai could be classed in the same bracket, although in a totally different way, but Vegas will forever be the number one destination for those who are seeking a break from reality.

Of course, there are countless activities to enjoy whilst you’re in the desert, including the one activity that springs to everyone’s mind first – gambling! Yes, you should have a flutter or two, but remember to set yourself a budget, otherwise you might be wondering what happened to your holiday cash!

Vegas is about so much more than casinos however, and it’s important to get out and explore, experiencing all the fabulous that this crazy city has to offer.

The Grand Canyon is within a few hours’ drive, and if you have the time, this is somewhere you should 100% definitely go! Everything in Vegas is quite false, because this is a man-made city, but within a stone’s throw you have one of nature’s most amazing formations, so remember your camera and get exploring!

Aside from the Canyon, you should be doing an evening helicopter tour over the Strip – this will show you those endless neon lights from a totally different perspective, and your jaw will drop!

On top of this, we have those iconic Bellagio fountains, shopping, the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign, and the endless wedding chapels! Another must do activity is to check out a Vegas show.

Think show girls, think drama, lights, entertainment, excitement, and everything else in-between! There is a show for every interest, and no matter who you are travelling with, you will find something to suit your needs. Cirque du Soleil is a big hitter in the desert, and here you will really leave with your mouth wide open in shock and awe – this is one to check out for sure. One tip however – make sure you only find official tickets, and that you don’t fall foul of the ticket touts.

The only way to find official tickets is by either calling the Box Office personally, or heading online to a reputable website, such as Best of Vegas. This is the best way to find the most competitive prices and the best availability too. You have traveled all this way, so it would be a crying shame to end up spending cash on a ticket that isn’t valid, so avoid those street touts at all costs!

Vegas is certainly a riot, but a riot in the most amazing, colorful, and flamboyant way.

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