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Things To Do In Dubai In 24 Hours
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Things To Do In Dubai In 24 Hours (One Day) – Make Your Layover Memorable

If you travel a lot, then you would already know how challenging is it to plan your trip – which places you must visit, activities you should do, where to eat and shop, etc. However, it’s even a more significant challenge to plan your trip if you only have 24 hours on your clock – especially if you are spending a day in Dubai! 

Though Dubai is considered as the tiny emirate, it packs the tallest towers, largest malls, and choreographed dancing fountains – along with the Charm of Old Arabia! If you are short on time and want to explore and experience the true spirit of Dubai – then you have landed on the right page.

In this travel guide, we are going to share five places and activities that you do in Dubai in just 24 hours! So without wasting another minute, let’s take a look at how you can make your 24 hours stay in Dubai Worthwhile!

  • Ride A Hot Air Balloon, Early In The Morning:

There is no better option than starting your day with a hot air balloon ride in Dubai. Experience the beautiful skyline of Dubai in the early morning hours and enjoy the view of the whole city from high above in the sky. The calmness and silence of the morning hours add more tranquility, peace, and charm to the entire experience. After the hot air balloon ride, you can enjoy a delicious Arabian breakfast at one of the Bedouin camps.

  • Go for A Desert Safari:

Whether it’s a long trip or a short, 24 hour trip – your Dubai trip is incomplete without the desert safari! After the hot air balloon ride, you can go for a thrilling desert experience. The desert safari tour is by far the most popular activity to do in Dubai. Its a 20 minutes ride – where you board onto a 4×4 wheel car bashing the dunes. Although you can experience this in the evening and night as well, due to the time shortage, the best time for desert safari is in the morning. Almost every tour operator in Dubai offers desert safari deals  which varies depending on the safari tour type and pick up  points. 

  • Snap A Quick Picture At Burj-al-Arab:

Burj-al-Arab is one of the iconic landmarks of Dubai. Therefore it is essential to snap a photo with this 7-star hotel. The best spot for a fantastic photograph is from the sunset beach. It is the closest spot to the skyscraper, and the beach-view makes it more perfect. You can relax at the beach, take a stroll at the beach while making lots of videos and pictures to take back home with yourself!

  • Spend The At Dubai Mall:

Want to take souvenirs for your loved ones? Then rush to the Dubai Mall and spend your evening there. Here you can find several shops as well as many food spots to grab a cup of coffee or some evening snacks.

  • Eat Your Dinner At The Dubai Fountain:

The best way to end your 24-hour stay in Dubai is to eat dinner at some high place. And we have just the right spot for you – the Dubai Fountain. You can enjoy the largest choreographed dancing fountain while eating your dinner. After the dinner, if you still have some time on your hand, don’t forget to take a stroll on the BOARDWALK AT THE PALM JUMEIRAH.

Note: Depending on your flight schedule you can make itinerary accordingly and replace one with another.  

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