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Things to Do in Dubai with Kids
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Things to Do in Dubai with Kids

Dubai is the preferred choice for both family and individuals when to comes to a holiday. One would genuinely be amazed at the splendid shopping experience, stellar hospitality, mind-blowing adventure, and a handful of incredible activities that would lighten up all moods and across all age groups. Although there are many magnificent places to visit in Dubai, we have tried to collate a small list featuring the traditional and modern landmarks defining Dubai that will redefine your holiday experience and your imagination completely.

IMG Worlds Dubai

The IMG Worlds Dubai is often referred to as ”the heart of Dubai.” IMG Worlds Dubai is the first indoor theme park featuring amazing entertainment and state-of-the-art amenities. Spread across 1.5 million square feet of space, and placed in the neighbourhood of Global Village, explore the best of live shows, adrenaline-pumping rides, fascinating movies, and delightful cuisines for a perfect blend. If you are with kids, you will find it hard to take them out from here. For Marvel and Cartoon Network fans, this is paradise. Revisit the Hulk, The Avengers, the Iron Man, Frozen, Disney, and the vibrant Powerpuff Girls.

Desert Safari Adventure

The Desert Safari adventure should always be on your list of things to do in Dubai, no matter how many times you have been in Dubai. The Arabian desert golden dunes have so much to be uncovered in terms of experience, adventure, culture, and mouth-watering cuisines, that you will never be in a mood to turn it down. So set your pulses rising with some dune bashing, enjoy the beautiful sunset on a gorgeous camel, experience the best of the Bedouin culture at their base camp, and last, not miss out on an unforgettable night under the star-studded sky. Of course, if you are not in a mood to spend a night in the golden dunes, you also have options for day adventures.

Ski Dubai

The Mall of Emirates welcomed one of the finest places to visit in Dubai with the Ski Dubai. Dubai is often not correlated to ice because of the iconic desert interface. However, with the fusion of modern technology, creativity, and innovation, Dubai has built this ski resort where tourists and visitors can enjoy the snow, ski, snowboarding, take skiing lessons, and even interact with a family of penguins residing within the facility. Sixty thousand tonnes of snow will surely enlighten you and your family. But, if that was not all, do check out the new themed restaurants to satisfy your gastronomical guilts.

MotiongateTM Dubai Theme Park

If you have been a big fan of Hollywood’sHollywood’s Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, and Lionsgate, then you would not be disappointed with the Dubai’sDubai’s best storytelling, creativity, and innovation all put together to bring you the best-branded entertainment under one roof. Your decision to visit this magical world of movies will take your experience to the next level. The adventurous roller coasters and multimedia theatre shows will be too hard to resist for the little ones. Do check out the replica of the movie sets of New York City at Studio Central.

Dubai Miracle Garden

For all the non-adventure buffs out there, the Dubai Miracle Garden is the perfect place to enhance your Dubai experience. Placed just approximately 8km from the IMG Worlds Dubai, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a modern landmark defining the Dubai tourist landscape. Flowers are mood enticers and simply hard to resist. Its beautiful landscape is blessed with multi-hued colored flowers to give you a feel of paradise. Mesmerizing flowers arrangements are uniquely set to be a treat to the senses, and we guarantee you will never be disappointed exploring this incredible tourist destination. No matter what your age is, the beautifully designed garden is often visited by all age groups. Do visit the inhouse 3D Butterfly Garden when you have thousands of vibrant and flamboyant species of butterflies housed under one dome.

Dubai Garden Glow

One of Dubai’sDubai’s best places to visit, the marvelous Dubai Garden Glow houses masterpieces from skillful artists from different corners of the world. The seventh edition of the Dubai Garden Glow should surely be on everyone’s itinerary and a beautiful place to interact with nature. The key highlights of this beautiful destination are Dinosaur Park, Ice Park, and Art Park. Not to forget, this is the world’s first park exclusively designed to showcase the glow-in-the-dark concept. Various art forms across the globe inspire the amazing light infrastructure. It’sIt’s an experience that you will carry along a lifetime with you. It would be best if you witnessed it to experience the magic.

Dubai Frame

The World Expo 2020 Logo has inspired one of the iconic mega projects launched in Dubai in 2018. Placed in the Zabeel Park, the frame is regarded as one of the modern architectural marvels of Dubai in the same league as the mighty Burj Khalifa. A sky deck 93 meters wide interconnects the two 150-meter high-rise towers forming a perfect frame. It holds the record for the largest frames in the world. Check out the observation deck from the top of the frame to get a mind-blowing picturesque view of the Dubai skyline. Apart from the above, it has become a popular place to take selfies, even at ground level.

Dubai Museum

The Al Fahidi Fort houses the iconic Dubai Museum, which offers you a sneak peek into the traditional Dubai and the incredible transformation of Dubai from a fishing village to one of the modern tourist destinations. There are several artifacts displayed in the Museum to make this exploration journey more interactive. Be ready to explore the ancient culture, instruments, handicrafts, traditional boats, handcrafted weapons, and much more. The Dubai Museum showcases the Emirate’s rich heritage and culture to the modern world. It will be considered a sin if you choose to skip this special tourist destination during your Dubai holiday or visit.

Dubai Creek

Go back with time to revisit one of the finest and ancient Dubai places. One of the key interests in today’s every tourist itinerary, the Dubai Creek, gives you a glimpse of what Dubai was almost two decades back with an essence of modernity. The Dhow Cruise on the traditional Abra boat is a ride to remember for your lifetime. Experience Dubai’s grandeur and traditional heritage in one go. Some Dhow cuisines offer a delightful meal combo with the ride. Be it romantic, taking a break from your normal busy life, or experiencing something different, the Dubai Dhow cruise is something that you should never miss out on during your trip to Dubai. Don’tDon’t forget to visit the traditional souks of Dubai, where you can quench your thirst for Gold, traditional spices, textiles, carpets, and much more.

Jumeirah Mosque

You need not find reasons to visit this beautiful Mosque. This Mosque is not only of religious significance but has become one of the pivotal landmarks in the Dubai tourist landscape. The architecture has always been marvelous for all structures in Dubai, and the Jumeirah Mosque is no different. The Mosque gives a deep insight into Islamic traditions, culture, and values. There are sessions arranged for people who want to dive deeper. There are dress codes for both men and women being a religious place, so that is one thing you must remember. Catch hold of one of the tours arranged six days a week to explore this beautiful Dubai landmark.

Burj Khalifa

You can’t miss the Burj Khalifa during your Dubai holiday. The tallest standing structure in the world hovers in the clouds and offers panoramic views of the entire Dubai cityscape. The observation decks on the 124th & 125th floor are among the most popular tourist spots to catch a glimpse of the Dubai Emirate. The Burj Khalifa has become one of the Emirates’Emirates’ defining landmarks. This sky-piercing landmark is all about grandeur, opulence, and splendor at its most. Don’tDon’t forget to visit the At.mosphere restaurant where you get a chance to dine in the clouds.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

One of Dubai’s best places to visit, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is a must-visit for kids and families alike. The gigantic, suspended aquarium in the world is something you got to witness live. Placed on the Ground level of the Dubai Mall, you can club this visit along with the fulfillment of your shopping and entertainment cravings. This 10 million aquarium tank is home to several aquatic species, including the largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks across the globe. In addition, you can choose to go scuba diving to meet the sharks and dolphins and explore the incredible variety of water species.

Dubai offers exciting options for all tastes and all age groups. You don’t need a reason to visit this beautiful Emirate. But, if you want to be exploring the best of this dynamic place, connect with our team to know how you can make this a truly memorable vacation.

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